Terms and Conditions of Services

All the services offered and provided by Caspart Reedes OÜ or any of its subsidiaries, associates or any third party contracted for such, later referred to as the "The Company", are rendered under the terms and conditions stipulated here. By ordering services from The Company, the Client accepts these terms and conditions of The Company′s services.

Consulting Services

Consulting services are provided paced on client′s requirements. All information given is to be considered to be advisory nature. The Company does not provide any legal, tax of financial advisory services. All such aspects on plans and opinions provided by the Company is on clients sole responsibility when executed. It is recommended by the Company to confirm all such aspects with experts of such specific areas.

Supporting Services for Companies

Virtual Office

The Company provides The Client with a Legal Address, which the Client can use as his official address for all registers as well as his general mailing address.
The Service includes mail forwarding by email (only official mail, no commercial mail). For this purpose, The Company has the right to open all mail received by The Client. The received mail shall be forwarded to The Client on a daily basis, within 3 business days from the date of receipt. When The Client so instructs, the original mail can be sent to him by mail once a month at The Clients expense. The Company shall keep all original mail received for The Client for a period of 3 months after which they will be disposed of.
The Contract period for Virtual Office services is 12 months, starting from the month in which the service was ordered.
The services of Virtual Office are invoiced annually in March for the period between 1.4-31.3. When the Client has entered into this contract during the invoicing period, he will be reimbursed in his next annual invoice based on mathematical monthly fees of 1/12 of the annual fee. For example, when The Client has entered into this contract on the 15th of November and has then paid the full annual service fee, he will be reimbursed for the unused period from April to October.
The contract of Virtual Office is renewed automatically if not terminated, in writing by email, one full calendar month prior to the end of the service period, i.e. before the end of February. The Client may terminate the contract of Virtual Office at any time but is not entitled to compensation for unused service periods.

Accounting Services

The Company oversees that the Clients accounts are in order at all times, and that all required filings are carried out in a timely manner. To be able to do that, The Clients is to submit, by email, all the documentation to The Company before the fifth day of the following month.
The contract period for accounting services is one calendar year (company´s fiscal year).
The accounting services are invoiced monthly. At the time of ordering Accounting Services from The Company, The Client is required to place a deposit equivalent to three months service fee.
The Contract of Accounting Services is renewed automatically when not terminated, in writing by email, one full calendar month prior to the end of the service period, i.e. before the end of November. The Client may terminate The Contract of Accounting Services at any time, but will be subject to a cancellation fee equal to three months service fee.

Other Services

All the terms and conditions stipulated here apply to all The Company´s services and supplements all and every contract of services for any services offered, provided and rendered by the Company.

Other Provisions

Changes to The Company´s Service Terms and Prices

The Company may, at its discretion, change the Terms of its Services as well as the Prices of its services. Changes in prices will come into force starting from the beginning of the next service period. Changes in terms and conditions come into force immediately.

Change of Company´s Office

The Company may change its office location, in which case The Client is expected to make corresponding changes. In such cases, The Company will assist The Client in all necessary changes at The Company´s expense, excluding all third party fees or costs rising from such changes.

Services Provided by a Third Party

The Company may sub-contract or commission a third party to provide the services The Client has ordered from The Company.

Interpretation of These Terms and Conditions

The applying Terms and Conditions of The Company´s Services are published on The Company´s website. These terms and conditions have originally been drawn in English language, in cases of misinterpretations of translations, The English version will be followed.

The Company´s Liability

The Company takes utmost care of the quality and professional nature of its services rendered and provided to The Client, either by its own staff or by any third party it has sub-contacted or commissioned to carry out these services, but redeems itself from any liability to compensate for any mistakes or wrongdoings caused by any of the mentioned parties. Force majeure applies to all of the Company´s Services. The Company reserves and has the right to settle its invoices to client, issued and future ones as well as take deposit for its services from clients’ accounts and funds.

Termination of Services by The Company

The Company may, at its own discretion, cancel and terminate any contract with The Client if it turns out that The Client is engaged in any unlawful activities or conducts his business in a manner that is not considered to be in accordance with good business manners or causes disturbance to The Company’s own business. In the described cases, the contract shall be terminated immediately, and The Company is not obligated to reimburse The Client for unused service periods or any other costs caused by this termination.


The Company shall not disclose any information it attains about the Clients business to any third party unless it is obligated to do so by governing law. In case The Company receives any such request, it shall inform The Client immediately.


Caspart Reedes Oü does not provide legal counsel or tax advisory services. All legal and tax-related information, provided orally or in writing, is indicative in nature, and it is The Client’s responsibility to check the validity of said information with local experts and authorities.

All consultation, as well as all other services provided by The Company, is to be evaluated and accepted on The Client’s own responsibility.