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We have a long and wide experience in Company Formation all over the world and we keep ourselves up to date with constantly changing legislation.

Incorporation Services in Estonia

Not only because we are Estonian paced company, we find Estonia to be one of the best jurisdiction inside European Economical area to locate a business. In a way Estonia can also be considered to be a Tax Heaven since there is currently no tax on company′s profits. What comes to online services Estonian is highly advanced, all the government offices can be accessed over the internet and filings can be done online and gets to be registered almost instantly. The Banking in Estonia is first class and many of the major international banks are represented in Estonia and are in SEPA payment system. Money moves fast.
In Estonia, is two comparative options for a company form; AS and OÜ, equaling PLC and LTD of which the OÜ is easier to manage and most commonly used.

Estonian OÜ in a Nutshell:


The Company is run and managed by the Directors, nominated by the owners.
Minimum of 1 director is required.
There are no requirements to keep minutes of director′s business decisions.
All the required filings can be done over the Internet.


Business profits are not taxed in Estonia. This provides a considerable competitive advantage for a growth-seeking businesses compared to many other member states of the European Union. Virtually the entire profit will be available for investment purposes.
Tax, which is currently 20%, is paid only on dividends distributed to the owners. When the company receives taxed dividends from a country which Estonia has a tax treaty in force, the received dividends can be distributed to the owners without paying any taxes in Estonia.
The VAT in Estonian is 20% and annual lower limit applicability is 16.000€.


Levels of wages are considerably lower in Estonia than in many "old" EU countries, social security and other related costs being around 35% of gross salaries.

New Company

Registering a new company takes from 3 to 5 business days. When the incorporator is a company or a non-Estonian resident, the share capital must be paid in full in order to be accepted to the company register.

Ready-made Company

The easiest and fastest way is to buy from us a ready-made company, with which you can start operating immediately. The share capital of a ready-made company has been paid in full. The company has a valid Commercial Register Number and an account in an Estonian bank. Purchase of a ready-made company can usually be completed within 24 hours.

Support Services for Estonian Companies

We can provide you all the necessary support services needed to maintain your company in good standing and functional at all times: a legal address for the company including a mail forwarding service (virtual office) as well as accounting services.

Services and Prices

Incorporation Services in other Jurisdictions

For our clients we carry out incorporations in all European countries and in the United States, as well as in more exotic countries such as Morocco in Africa and countries in the Caribbean. We do incorporations all over the World.
We can assist our clients in setting up comprehensive corporate structures in order to minimize business risks and maximize profit, and when combined with private foundation or trust it can protect those profits and keep them private.

Contact us for further details of our international incorporation services.

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Services and Prices in Estonia

  • Feature

    • The Company
    • Virtual Office
    • Administration Services
    • Corporate Identity package
    • Notarized document (i.e. P.o.A.)
    • VAT Registration
    • Document translations
  • New company (OÜ)

  • best

    Ready-made company (OÜ)

All the prices are without VAT and shall be added when applies.

Service details:

Service Includes
Incorporation of a New Company Name verification
All state registration fees
Notary services
Interpretation services
Assistance in opening a bank account
Ready-made Company A registered company
Share capital fully paid
Corporate bank account in an Estonian bank
Legal address with services of Virtual Office
Notary services
Interpretation services
Virtual Office Legal address
Email address on our client-domain
Receiving and processing mail
Mail forwarding by e-mail
Administration Service Virtual Office
Basic accounting (ca. 100 monthly entries)
Filing of mandatory tax reports
Preparation and filing of annual financial statement
Corporate Identity Package Company Logo
Business documents (letterhead, invoice layout and business cards)
Introductory website
VAT Registration Assistance in applying for VAT registration
Document translations Legalized translations of Company′s Documents (Register Certificate and Bylaws)
Additional Services Per quotation

Services and Prices in other Jurisdictions