Caspart Reedes Oü is a consulting company specializing in the planning, launching and practical implementation of business operations. We are an Estonian company, but we are operating actively in the entire European Economic Area. Our expertise includes:

Starting a New Business

Big or small, a well drawn business plan easies the way to get you started. Whether you are looking to start a new business or to expand your current one. We can help you in planning and drawing a profession business plan for sales or for financial perspective.

Franchising a Business

A well-planned and correctly executed franchising concept based on a functional business can take it very quickly to a completely new level. We will help you build a clear and all-encompassing franchise concept.

Expanding to New Markets

We have more than 25 years of experience doing business in the European Economic Area. With that and our extensive contact network, we can provide you a clear plan, and you will find the partners you need for expanding your business to the international or into Estonian and Baltic markets.

Manufacturing Products

Estonian craftsmanship is of high quality while the level of wages is moderate compared to many other European countries. Logistical services are first class, the products move fast, and - as a member state of the European Union - Estonia is part of the Free Trade Area. Estonia provides a worthy option for the manufacturing of products requiring physical labour. Through our services, you will find the right business partner to manufacture your products. We have strong ties to the Estonian textile, metal and woodwork industries, for instance.

Labour Recruiting

Estonian workers are highly skilled, motivated and respected. Many Estonians are accustomed to working in other countries to fill temporary shortages of manpower. When your company is in need of extra manpower, we can assist you in finding suitable workers. We find them, check them, and send them to you.

Incorporation Services

A natural part of our services is the comprehensive planning of corporate structures to minimize business risks and to maximize profits. Whether you are looking to Incorporate in Estonia or in some another country, it can be done through us.

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Immigrate to Estonia

Weather or not your are EU or non-EU citizen, Estonia offers a comparative option to have permanent residence for tax reasons as well as for convenience.

For Russians Estonia is a Natural Gateway to Europe, Russian language is widely spoken and mentality is well understood. Estonia offers an easy and natural gateway to Europe for Russian looking to live or to do business or invest in Europe.

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Good planning is half the job

If you are looking for growth and new dimensions for your business either in domestic or international markets, or if you are just at the planning stage of starting a new business, turn to us, we will analyse your plans, existing business and compile a clear business plan for you. If you wish, you can then have an experienced partner in us for executing it.

For further details of our services, kindly contact us.

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