Immigration Services

Estonia has long roots in history dating back to Middle Ages when the capital Tallinn was one of the key trading points in Baltic Sea. Todays Estonia gained its independency when soviet union collapsed in 1991 and because of that the whole society have been build from scratches without the bureaucracy and complexity of old European societies. In 2004 Estonia became a member of EU and is today one of the most modern European Countries. Estonia welcomes new residents to live and work here.

For EU Citizens

Freedom of movement and working is one of the basic fundamentals of European Union. For a citizen of any member state there is no bureaucracy in re-locating to Estonia. You just need a purpose to be in Estonia to obtain residency. This can easily be achieved by incorporating a Company in Estonia.

For non-EU Citizens

For non EU Citizens obtaining residence in Estonia requires relatively modest investment compared to most of the other E.U. countries. This investment can be establishing a Business or purchasing property in Estonia. For example, many Russians have bought holyday property in Narva, a Russian speaking spa town at border-crossing with Russia at the bottom of Baltic Sea.

Estonia residency gives a free entry to whole E.U.

Services and Prices

We assist you in whole documentary process, in establishing the purpose, wether it is buying existing business or establishing a new business or purchasing property.

  • Palvelukuvaus

    • Immigration Services
  • EU Citizens

    • 3.000€
  • Non-EU Citizens

    • 6.000€

Prices are estimations and may vary depending on 3rd party costs, VAT is to be added when applies.

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